LSIB's qualifications will enrich you with key aspects of business management. Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for a company, our programmes would assist you when you are looking for change. The programmes provides you with the subject knowledge and the qualification to prove your credentials, giving you a distinct advantage over the competition.

Our programmes aims at preparing you in following areas:-

  • Self-discipline
  • Improving your dedication and commitment towards work.
  • Making you a knowledgeable person.
  • Providing skills and knowledge, thus helping you in your career development and progression.
  • Proving better understanding of management principles and practices.
  • Improving your decision making skills.

Percentage wise industries where LSIB students are engaged in:-

Finance / Insurance / Banking 23%
Government / Public sector 23%
Transport / Distribution / Motor 8%
Education 6%
NGO 6%
Customer services / Administration 5%
Telecommunications 5%
Health 6%
Agriculture / Food production 4%
Manufacturing / Engineering 4%
IT 3%
Utilities 3%
Constructions 3%
Tourism 2%
Media 2%
Mining 1%
Other services 7%