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The programme is created according to industry requirements and standards, ensuring what you've learnt is relevant right from day one - whether you choose to work, or start your own business. Rigorous and future ready, it arms you with qualification across multiple in-demand streams and opens up countless opportunities.

This marketing programme combines academic theory with practical applications to provide a real-world perspective on business operating essentials, with the focus on international management and global issues. This programme's challenging curriculum is designed to help you reach your full potential. We believe that the real basis for management is experience. We will expose you to theories of management and case studies of companies, and give you the opportunity to work on specific management problems. Organisations must compete in a global marketplace and their activities cross borders and cultures.

Key facts about BA (Hons) in Marketing

  • Online programme with student to faculty ratio of just 15:1
  • LSIB has world-class professors, derived from best institutions. Many of the professors also have hands-on experience as programmers/ engineers in Software companies.
  • Fully recognized and globally accepted Degree.
  • Our Course is most relevant and designed as per the needs and requirements of today's business world over.
  • With the advantage of studying on the job, anytime and anywhere, you get cost advantage and same degree which is given to full time students at the university campus.
  • Degree awarded is well respected and globally recognised.
Key Takeaways

By the end of this programme, you should be able to:
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of marketing theory
  • Analyse strategic market behaviour
  • Understand the principles and responsibilities of other management functions, including human resources, accounting and finance
  • Show a real awareness and understanding of contemporary global business issues

On a more practical level, you will be able to:
  • Apply relevant techniques to identify and exploit market opportunities
  • Devise appropriate marketing objectives around customer acquisition and retention
  • Plan and execute research projects
  • Effectively communicate results at a level appropriate to the audience
Why choose LSIB ?

  • Your qualification is recognized and accepted world over.
  • Our curriculum helps you to develop critical thinking, exceptional management knowledge and cultural awareness.
  • Experience online-time study like never before with our purpose built smart learning tools which gives you advantage of studying anytime and anywhere.
  • Be part of an elite cohort of talented business students, and develop a valuable and influential global network using LSIB online community.
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