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Marketing has a profound effect on the day-to-day choices we make, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. However, marketing excellence does not just come automatically; it requires the careful application of both science and creativity to ensure that a product or service is successfully communicated to its intended target audience. This marketing degree programme provides you with the essential marketing tools and knowledge sought by employers in today’s dynamic global workplace. Our BA (Hons) in Marketing (Top-Up) is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the key skills and practices that marketing executives and their organisations use to make informed marketing decisions that are vital to the success of their business. More specifically, you will learn how to critically evaluate key marketing models and apply them to a real-life business problem at a strategic level by conducting your own research project.

Students can also choose to attend a London School of Marketing Dissertation workshop in Central London. This 5 day dissertation workshop will allow you to work together with other students and have the opportunity to ask the lecturer any questions you may have that may help with your overall success in your course as well as still having all the online resources and tutorial support. Who should attend ? The BA (Hons) in Marketing (Top up) is designed for applicants holding a Level 5 qualification in Marketing, who wish to obtain a recognised degree in order to enhance their career prospects in marketing. This degree programme will equip you for a career in the marketing industry, by providing a range of practical and theoretical skills that are transferable to the marketing function of any organisation. The global focus of this programme aims to develop your ability to strategically analyse complex business situations and enhance your awareness of the various factors that currently shape the demands of businesses and consumers in a local and global context. It is engaging and stimulating, with emphasis placed on the acquisition of practical skills.

Key facts about BA (Hons) in Business Management

  • Online programme with student to faculty ratio of just 15:1
  • LSIB has world-class professors, derived from best institutions. Many of the professors also have hands-on experience in running and growing businesses.
  • State of the art of 1 million Learning Management System (LMS) with 24 X 7 support.
  • Fully recognized and globally accepted Degree.
  • Our BA (Hons) in Business Management is most relevant and designed as per the needs and requirements of today's business world over.
  • With the advantage of studying on the job, anytime and anywhere, you get cost advantage and same degree which is given to full time students at the university campus.
Why choose LSIB ?

  • Your qualification is recognized and accepted world over.
  • Our curriculum helps you to develop critical thinking, exceptional management knowledge and cultural awareness.
  • Experience online-time study like never before with our purpose built smart learning tools which gives you advantage of studying anytime and anywhere.
  • Be part of an elite cohort of talented business students, and develop a valuable and influential global network using LSIB online community.
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