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Course title: MBA International Business - 12 Month | Course code: MBA-INT-12


This globally respected MBA reflects the evolving nature of business and challenges facing business leaders. The programme helps in developing :
● Analytical skills
● Business acumen
● Enquiring and adaptive thinking

This unique online programme builds on a strong ethos of helping managers and leaders solve complex business problems while developing professionals who will make a strategic difference within the context of their organisations.

It will develop leadership and strategic thinking skills required to build successful teams and navigate growth within an uncertain, resource constrained and competitive business environment. You will gain insights into how to prepare, plan and react efficiently to a rapidly changing environment.

Job and career prospects The programme offers wide range of career paths. Here are just a few:
● Business leader
● Senior government leader
● Not-for-profit manager
● Entrepreneur
● Venture capitalist
● Consultant
● Executive roles in accounting, finance, marketing, sales and communications, amongst others

Qualification structure
This is a 2 stage programme, total credits earned is 180 credits (Stage 1 + Stage 2)
Stage 1 leads to award of Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management. It consists of 6 units for a combined total of 120 credits.
Stage 2 is a 60 credit degree stage. This stage consists a compulsory single module ‘Dissertation / Project Report’ worth 60 Credits.

With LSIB you will get following advantage in order to study on-line.

  • Same qualification as on-campus students.
  • Recognised qualification & accepted by universities for further career progression.
  • Assessment is via assignment submission
  • You study on-line at your own pace.

12 Months

Finish in just 12 Months. If you can spend about 4 to 5 hours per week, select this option.

- Pay in affordable Monthly, half yearly and quarterly instalments.
- Study material or e-library access available.

GBP £7700

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18 Months

Finish in 18 Months. If you can spend about 2 to 3 hours per week, use this option.

- Pay in affordable monthly, quarterly and half yearly instalments.
- Study material or e-library access available.

GBP £6700

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Why Online?

  • Cost effective - Typically UK Degree starts from GBP £18000 per annum, but with online study, you can enjoy saving more than 60% on your educational investment.
  • Practical Content - The coursework is immediately applicable to the careers, and you can earn long-term gains including increase in salary and promotions
  • Study anytime, anywhere - You don't have to attend a College campus, so you can study from anywhere in the world. You can download & submit assignments.
  • Assessments - Assessment is via assignment submission
Who is this course for?

Learners who are seeking to progress to higher education to take a Bachelor's degree course in Management. Learners could also progress directly to employment.

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